Exhibition: 5.-17.11.2019 Köysiratagalleria, Turku


Sari Torvinen, work in process: Omavaraiset/The Self Sufficient Ones, 2019, bio charcoal, 70 x 80 cm

Ruokaturva/Food Security

Susana Nevado & Sari Torvinen

Our exhibition deals with the many sides of food: e.g. food industry, agriculture, anorexia and the inequal sharing of food. Having nutritious food and having it enough, is a basic need. Yet this need is is not fufilled to many of us and it looks like the warming climate makes the situation even worse in near future.

I will make portraits of three self sufficient ecological farmers. I have also asked them to give farming tips for beginners. I will make a video of one particular field and follow the working phases during the whole growing season. My third piece is made together with 25 people who got seedlings from me and now they have sent me photos of the results. The photos show very different end results, both successes and failures. This could be seen as a test of our farming abilities.